“How to Raise Self-Esteem as an Entrepreneur” Practical Guide


“I’m scared to name a price for my work… What if they don’t agree to my proposal, because the market is full of competitors who charge even lower than me?!”

The downsides of low self-esteem as an entrepreneur lead to positioning errors, low earnings, and job dissatisfaction.

This book contains a concentrate of usefulness in several pages. If you complete the tasks presented here, then you will no longer have questions about how much to take from a client so that he does not leave, where to get clients and how to keep them, whether I am on the right track in my business or I need to change the field of activity. A sense of confidence, calmness, contentment, a decent salary, the energy to make breakthroughs – these and other results await you after reading the book.

Written in easy language with a bit of perseverance for entrepreneurs.

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